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Boutique 870260

  • packaged in a box

Economical self–assembly reception desk with luxury look. The leatherette on the front panel will add style to any salon.color combination:

509 laminate, 11730 leatherette



color combination: 190 laminate, 01C leatherette

color combination: H1599 laminate, 02C leatherette

color combination: 190 laminate, 493 leatherette

color combination: 190 laminate, 02C leatherette

101 laminate, 02C leatherette

boutique receptions


boutique receptions

boutique receptions

boutique receptions

190 laminate, 12210 leatherette

boutique receptions


boutique receptions

Boutique 870261

  • new design guilted front panel
  • packaged in a box


quality leatherettes with lot of color options and possibly color combination:
Basic leatherette colors Luxury leatherette colors




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