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Boutique 870260

The boutique is an economical reception desk with an exceptional look. If you are on a tight budget and you still want a luxurious looking salon this reception desk is the right choice for you. Boutique reception desk features back storage for products or other various items, utility drawer, and tufted or quilted front padding. Some of the bonuses include a drawer with a built in lock for extra security and large back storage. This unit is available in all basic and luxury high-density laminate colors. The front panel is also available in all basic and luxury Italian leatherette colors plus the choice of tufting or quilt.

  • packaged in a box

509 laminate, 11730 leatherette



color combination: 190 laminate, 01C leatherette

color combination: H1599 laminate, 02C leatherette

color combination: 190 laminate, 493 leatherette

color combination: 190 laminate, 02C leatherette

101 laminate, 02C leatherette

boutique receptions


boutique receptions

boutique receptions

boutique receptions

190 laminate, 12210 leatherette

boutique receptions


boutique receptions

Boutique 870261

  • new design guilted front panel
  • packaged in a box


quality leatherettes with lot of color options and possibly color combination:
Basic leatherette colors Luxury leatherette colors




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